Leb Mue Nang: Majestic Tropical Vines

Among the most vintage of all traditional Thai flowering perennials is the “Leb Mue Nang”, a majestic tropical flowering vine with very fragrant, colorful blossoms that can quickly cover an entire garden wall.

Since I was very young, I can remember these awesome tropical flowering vines growing in my grandparents’ gardens in Bangkok and upcountry, covering entire pavilions (“salas” in Thai) and garden walls with their colorful, fragrant blooms.  Leb Mue Nangs, also known as Quisqualis Indica, are very large tropical vines that grow especially rapidly during the rainy season, and can over time cover entire sections of tall garden walls or roofs of pavilions.

Leb Mue Nang vines produce plenty of colorful, intensely fragrant blossoms.

In the Thai language the term “Leb Mue Nang” translates to “The Fingernails of a Lady”, which is a very fitting name given the bright colors and intense fragrance of their blossoms. Leb Mue Nang vines produce a plethora of colorful blossoms that incorporate varying shades of white, pink, dark pink, and red – all in each and every vine! Moreover, the blossoms are especially fragrant during the late evening hours into nighttime.

Leb Mue Nang blossoms encompass shades of white, light pink, dark pink, and red, all in one vine!

These lovely perennials love plenty of sunshine, and will be a wonderful addition for tropical gardens that are able to provide sufficient space for them to climb, such as sunny walls and pavilions. Propagation is via small plantlets that normally grow near the bases of mature plants, presumably from fallen seeds. Pruning will allow the plants to grow and bloom even more vigorously, particularly during the rainy (wet monsoon) season.

Leb Mue Nang blossoms are intensely fragrant, especially during the late evening and nighttime hours.

Thank you for your interest in this blog article.  Comments are very welcome, and if you happen to have any additional information or experience with these tropical vines, please feel free to share them with all of us.

Happy gardening, wherever you are in Thailand, and around the world!

Lat (Ratasit C.)


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