Glorious Thai Orchids: Awesome Floral Exhibition at Siam Paragon

Endowed with a humid tropical climate, Thailand is renowned for its plethora of stunningly beautiful orchid varieties, which can be found naturally in forests, in botanical gardens, and among the multitudes of commercial orchid farms.  In fact, orchids form a significant part of Thailand’s flower exports, and are highly valued for their beauty and uniqueness.

Colorful Thai orchids on display at the Orchid Paradise Exhibition, Siam Paragon.

Colorful orchids are a common feature in many tropical Thai gardens with new, increasingly beautiful varieties appearing year after year.  They are arguably one of Thailand’s national flowers, adding splendor and color to gardens in parks, temples, and homes throughout the country.  Below are some awesome photos which I took during my brief visit to the Orchid Paradise Exhibition which was held in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon shopping complex.

Colorful Thai orchids in the Orchid Paradise Exhibition at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

The orchids below have some of the biggest blooms I’ve ever seen, which are indeed magnificent.

Stunningly large Thai orchids at the Orchid Paradise Exhibition, Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

Below are some cute, hanging orchids whose petite blooms resemble those of Japanese cherry blossoms.

These small hanging orchids have petite blooms which resemble those of Japanese cherry blossoms.

Below are some stunningly colorful potted orchids that were on display, which are also sold.  These make great additions to Thai gardens, adding a sense of cheerfulness and vitality.

Intensely colorful potted Thai orchids at the Orchid Paradise Exhibition, Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

These orange orchids, relatively rare in Thailand, are my favorites.

Bright, orange orchids on display at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

Several orchid varieties on display were very unique, such as the ones below whose flowers resemble those of spring hyacinths (a spring bulb plant common in cold temperate zones).

These Thai orchids have unique flower stalks that resemble the blooms of spring hyacinths (a cold temperate bulb plant).

Another scene of colorful hanging orchids at the exhibition.

Colorful hanging Thai orchids on display.

These peached-colored orchids were very charming and fetched very high prices, due to their beauty and rareness.

Charming peach-colored orchids on display at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

Here’s another close-up view of some colorful Thai orchid blossoms. Note the stunning details on the petals, which are products of decades of diligent cross-breeding.

A close-up view of Thai orchid blossoms.

I was very impressed by these large orchids, which had bright yellow blooms with brown specks on their petals.  The stalks of these orchids were majestically long!

These Thai orchids had bright yellow blooms on majestically long stems!

The floral exhibition also featured another perennial Thai favorite: intensely colorful tropical water lilies (many of them strikingly fragrant), which are commonly found in gardens throughout the country.

Brightly colored Thai water lily blossoms, many of which are pleasantly fragrant!

Numerous tropical water lily plants were also on sale at the floral exhibition.  These can be readily planted in real or artificial ponds, an integral part of Thai tropical gardens.

Thai water lily plants for sale at the floral exhibition. These thrive in the ponds of Thai tropical gardens.

Another photo of awesome Thai water lilies for sale.  The blossoms of these water plants are usually pleasantly fragrant, attracting a considerable number of bees in the morning.

More colorful Thai water lilies for sale at the floral exhibition, Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Oftentimes, their fragrant blossoms attract bees in the morning.

Happy gardening, wherever you are in Thailand, and around the world!

Lat (Ratasit C.)


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4 Responses to Glorious Thai Orchids: Awesome Floral Exhibition at Siam Paragon

  1. Beautiful, Richard.

    • Thanks! The Orchid Paradise exhibition at Siam Paragon is a nice preview into the world of Thai orchids. Very wide selections can be found in Bangkok’s Chatuchak plant market (Wednesdays-Thursdays) and in other farms and venues nationwide. From time to time Thailand plays host to major botanical fairs featuring orchids, and I’ll keep everyone posted. Happy gardening!

  2. Weng Hung says:

    Hello, thanks for the many beautiful pictures! I am a long time admirer of Thailand’s beautiful water lilies and lotuses. I am planning a trip to Bangkok in August, and wonder if you know where I can find a wide variety of water lilies/lotuses on sale. Are there any aquatic plant farms near Bangkok that I may visit?

    Thank you!
    Weng Hung

    • Hi Wendy, sorry for the tremendous delay in reply to you as I’ve been away from this blog for almost half a year. If you’re visiting Bangkok in the future, I would recommend the plant market at Chatuchak, which runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week. During these two days, plant breeders offer so many plants of all kinds, more than one could ever imagine! Another venue for buying lots of plants is along Kamphaeng Phet Road near the famous Or Tor Kor fresh market. Happy Gardening!

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