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Greetings! I'm a world traveler, a food connoisseur, an avid gardener who loves gardening, and an enthusiast in the Buddhist dharma of mindfulness, wisdom, and peace. Find me on Twitter at or also visit my Travel and Food Blog at and join my culinary journey. Also visit for a glimpse of my spiritual journey. Welcome!

‘Mahachok’: Lovely Tropical Bulb Plants in Thailand With Fragrant White Blooms

In my perspective, the ‘Mahachok’ (ว่านมหาโชค) bulb plants are among Thailand’s loveliest tropical flowering herbs. These evergreen bulbs thrive in hot tropical climates and produce attractive fragrant white blooms from time to time. The ‘Mahachok’ (ว่านมหาโชค) bulb plants are a … Continue reading

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Bangkok Gardening: Flowers That Thrive During Thailand’s Hot Dry Season

In Thailand’s tropical monsoonal climate, the months of March-May are normally the region’s hottest period. These 3 months prior to the onset of the rainy monsoon in late May are usually characterized by hot, dry weather with periods of intense … Continue reading

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The Stunning Hanging Gardens at Bangkok’s Golden Mount Temple

Among the major landmarks of Bangkok’s vibrant ‘old city’ is the Golden Mount Temple, known as ‘Wat Saket’ (วัดสระเกศราชวรมหาวิหาร) in Thai.  The Golden Mount, a giant stupa within the temple complex which houses the Buddha’s relic, towers above Bangkok’s old … Continue reading

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Theravada Buddhism: Significance of Asaraha Bucha Day and the Buddhist Lent

For hundreds of millions of Theravadan Buddhists across Southeast Asia  (primarily Thailand, Burma, and Indochina) and  South Asia (primarily Sri Lanka), Asaraha Bucha day  (วันอาสาฬหบูชา) and the beginning of the Buddhist Lent (วันเข้าพรรณษา) are among the most significant religious events … Continue reading

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Lush Tropical Gardens and Waterfall at the Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok

Despite its image as a sprawling metropolis, Bangkok is replete with tropical botanical gems large and small, which are sprinkled throughout the city.  A prime example is the lovely Thai-inspired tropical gardens of the Dusit Thani Hotel, located on Silom … Continue reading

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Glorious Thai Orchids: Awesome Floral Exhibition at Siam Paragon

Endowed with a humid tropical climate, Thailand is renowned for its plethora of stunningly beautiful orchid varieties, which can be found naturally in forests, in botanical gardens, and among the multitudes of commercial orchid farms.  In fact, orchids form a … Continue reading

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Lush Tropical Garden at Sala Rim Naam, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

During my visit to the Sala Rim Naam Restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, I was truly impressed by the surrounding lush tropical garden, which reminded me of traditional Thai gardens during the days of my grandparents. The term ‘Sala … Continue reading

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