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Whether you’re in tropical or temperate regions, bulb plants can be a great part of your garden: they are versatile, hardy, diverse, produce awesome flowers, and many don’t mind being pot-bound.

‘Mahachok’: Lovely Tropical Bulb Plants in Thailand With Fragrant White Blooms

In my perspective, the ‘Mahachok’ (ว่านมหาโชค) bulb plants are among Thailand’s loveliest tropical flowering herbs. These evergreen bulbs thrive in hot tropical climates and produce attractive fragrant white blooms from time to time. The ‘Mahachok’ (ว่านมหาโชค) bulb plants are a … Continue reading

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Mahalab Bulb Plants: Flowering Season

In Thailand, March through May is the annual flowering season for the popular Mahalab herbaceous bulb plants, leading to a burst of cheerful reddish-orange blooms around my tropical garden. As mentioned in an earlier blog, “Mahalabs” are tropical bulb plants … Continue reading

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“Mahalab” Tropical Bulb Plants

The “Mahalab” Thai Herbal Bulb Plants: Delightful and Auspicious! In the Thai (Siamese) language, the term “Mahalab” actually means “Great Fortune” and “Great Wealth”, which is precisely why this herbal and bulbous plant is so popular in Thailand, especially among … Continue reading

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